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Splash & Surge: The Ultimate Pool Service Marketing Solution

Are you a pool service provider juggling the challenges of attracting new customers while staying ahead of the competition? Splash & Surge has the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Common Concerns of Pool Service Providers:

We understand the challenges you face:

– Worrying about unqualified leads.
– Struggling with out-of-area leads.
– Competing with multiple companies for a single customer.
– Dealing with price-shopping prospects.
– Being tech-challenged, and unsure of advertising platforms.
– …and many more.

How We Address Your Concerns:

Qualified Leads: We ensure leads that are not just in your area but also ready to commit.

Exclusivity: Your leads will be only yours; no more sharing with competitors.

Tech Ease: From setting up ads to website creation, we manage it all for you.

Cost-Effective Advertising: Your budget is precious, and we promise optimal use.

Upsell Opportunities: We pave the way for you to offer added value to your clients.

Review Management: Positive promotion and damage control, all under one roof.

Total Control: Set daily ad limits, slow down if overwhelmed, and be assured of exclusivity.

Why Choose Us?

Unique Client Strategy: We ensure minimal overlap; hence we take only a limited number of clients per city.

Affordable Packages: With packages starting at just $497 per month after the initial 3-month commitment, we offer unmatched value.

Specialized G.R.O.W Method: From generating an online presence to realizing ad impact, organizing customer relationships, and winning with long-term success, our method is proven and holistic.

Performance-Based Pricing: Our confidence in our services is so high that we’re ready to refund if we don’t meet your expectations.

Special Offers & Bonuses:

Summer Special: Use our GROW marketing system to boost your customer base in just 30 days.

Website Offer: Get your professional website at just 12k.

Bonuses Galore: Free setups, integrations, and services across various platforms and tools to amplify your online presence.

Certainly! Here’s a revision that incorporates your request:


Our Dive-In Confidence Guarantee

At Pool Service Promotors, we’re not just about words; we’re about actions and results. Our guarantee is a reflection of our unwavering confidence in what we offer.

Our Commitment: Dive into a partnership with us by making an upfront commitment. But here’s our promise to you – if at any point you feel our services don’t compel you to consider a daring dive into a chilly pool without a stitch on in January, we’ll refund every penny.

Yes, it’s that simple. You take a leap of faith with your upfront investment, but if we don’t deliver the exhilaration and results you’re expecting, your trust won’t cost you anything. That’s the Pool Service Promotors assurance.

Embark on this journey with us, secure in the knowledge that we’re fully invested in your success, both in spirit and finances.

Ready to Dive in?

Make a splash in the pool service industry with our expertise! Dive in with us for an immersive growth experience. Join the PSP revolution today!

Your Onboarding Experience

Once you’ve decided to join the Splash & Surge family, here’s what you can expect:

1. One-on-One Connection: We kick off with a personalized onboarding call to familiarize ourselves with your services and needs. We’re eager to hear your story.

2. Precision Advertising: Say goodbye to the guesswork. We’ll set up ads specifically targeting cities and zip codes you operate in. No more wasted advertising dollars.

3. Lead Verification: To ensure that you’re only working with genuine prospects, we confirm each lead’s location before they request an estimate.

4. Instant Communication: As soon as someone expresses interest, they receive instant email and text notifications. This rapid response ensures they don’t wander off to competitors.

5. Integrated Tech Support: Not tech-savvy? No problem! Our team will establish ad accounts, select keywords, set targeting parameters, and do everything in-between.

6. Streamlined Customer Journey: We won’t just build you a website; we’ll craft a customer’s journey. From landing on your page to requesting an estimate, each step is optimized for conversions.

7. Exclusive Leads: We emphasize quality over quantity. Each lead we generate is exclusive to your business.

8. Budget Friendly: Starting small ensures we test the waters (pun intended) of advertising profitability before diving deep.

9. All-In-One App: Imagine managing sales, leads, and appointments from a single app. Our intuitive app places all essential functions right at your fingertips.

10. Organized Systems: From sales pipelines to review systems, everything’s organized for seamless operations.

11. Transparent Reviews: Our primary focus is on Google reviews, ensuring your potential customers see the best of your services.

12. Organic Growth: Beyond paid ads, we work diligently to enhance your organic online presence, ensuring a well-rounded online image.


Client Testimonials

John, AquaClear Pool Services:
“Partnering with PSP was a game-changer. Not only did my leads increase, but the quality of these leads was outstanding. Their team understood my needs and customized their services accordingly.”

Mia, BlueWave Pools:
“I was initially skeptical, given the many marketing services out there. But the team at Pool Service Promotors genuinely delivered. Their GROW method made a tangible difference in my business operations.”


Invest in Your Business’s Future

Our pricing structure is straightforward, and we aim for transparency. Whether it’s our full software suite or specific services like AI chatbot integration, reputation management, or PR link building, we offer competitive prices. And with our hourly consultation services, we’re always available for tailored advice.



1. How do we ensure exclusivity?
We value each of our clients and limit our clientele per city to avoid overlap.

2. What if I need to slow down due to excess business?
We understand the ebb and flow of business. Our systems allow you to slow down or ramp up as per your needs.

3. What platforms do you primarily focus on?
Google and Facebook are our primary ad platforms, but we also understand the importance of organic SEO, ensuring a balanced online presence.


Are You Our Ideal Partner? Here’s Who We’re Searching For

At Pool Service Promotors, we pride ourselves on forging meaningful, lasting partnerships. We’re not just here to sell you a service; we’re here to elevate your business to new heights. So, are you the right fit? Here’s the profile of our ideal pool service owner:

Experienced & Established: You cater to over 200 residential route customers, showcasing your experience and knowledge in the industry.

Web-Presence Aware: While you might not be thrilled with your current website’s look, you acknowledge its importance and have one up and running.

Ad Ambitions: You’ve taken the plunge into advertising, even if you felt out of depth. Trying and learning is a big part of your ethos.

Selective with Partnerships: You’ve danced with platforms like Yelp, Home Advisor, Angi, and Thumbtack. You’ve seen their lead generation style – where potential clients request estimates from several companies simultaneously – and it wasn’t for you.

Tech-Curious: You may not call yourself “tech-savvy”, but you appreciate the value of a streamlined app to manage leads.

System Compliant: You’re ready and willing to embrace an efficient appointment booking system to enhance operational productivity.

Customer-Centric: You’re not just providing a service; you’re building relationships. Your customers can vouch for your exceptional service quality and their fondness for you.

Sales-Savvy: When you meet potential clients by their pools, your interpersonal skills shine, and you have a knack for sealing the deal.

Investment Ready: You understand that to make money, sometimes you have to spend money. With a budget allocated for advertising (preferably a few thousand dollars monthly), you’re set to amplify your reach.

Process-Driven: You’re eager to refine your business operations. A smoother, more structured approach to sales and customer service is on your wishlist.

Tech Support Seeker: You’re on the lookout for a dedicated tech team to take your business to the next digital level.

Financially Sound: Your business is thriving, raking in at least $200k in annual revenue.

Growth-Minded: With a vision of expansion, you’re ready to bring more hands on deck to accommodate the influx of new clientele.

If this sounds like you, then we’re thrilled to say: you’re exactly who we’ve been looking for. At PSP, our mission is to amplify businesses like yours. Let’s dive into a brighter future together. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how we can elevate your pool service enterprise.


Take the Leap with Pool Service Promotors

With our commitment, expertise, and unparalleled offerings, it’s time for your pool service business to rise and shine. Embrace a new age of growth, profitability, and brand reputation.

Get in touch today and let’s make waves together!