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Business Fundamentals:

  • Operates a service-based venture locally or regionally.
  • Generates an annual revenue exceeding $250,000.

Client Relations:

  • Prioritizes unparalleled customer service.
  • Eager to consistently gain new customers and boost sales to existing ones.
  • Maintains a record of current clients (email and phone lists).
  • Dedicated to accumulating 5-star reviews.

Growth Mindset:

  • Experiencing growth challenges and seeks systemized solutions.
  • Ready to upscale marketing if profitable.
  • Prepared to expand the team for continuous growth.

Professional Standards:

  • Desires a polished, top-tier company website—not a basic, cookie-cutter solution.
  • Wants an expert to manage the technical facets of marketing.

Efficiency & Responsiveness:

  • Can make swift and informed decisions.
  • Commits to responding to fresh leads within a 10-minute window.
  • Ready to implement a tested calendar and appointment system for better conversion rates.